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The Dezso's bought a unique custom home I drew up in 1985 and had lived there 15 years. At the time, I collaborated on the design with Dick Clark, who       interior perspective

became quite a popular architect

around Austin. The difficulty was beyond insane getting a permit from the City of Austin for this Billiard's Room and new Entry Hall, but we managed.





Conceptual Sketch

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013


"Net-Zero" home project in Texas


-See UPDATE below-


These sketches are very preliminary and that is the main purpose of this show the initial thought process.  It's advantageous to intially design in a loosely organized fashion in order to fit together varous separate ideas into one...trying various arrangements quickly till the best one wins.  This project is continuing and I'll update it periodically.


Conceptual Sketch

"Net-Zero" home project in Texas - UPDATE


Updated Sketch-up renderings by Mark Adams.


Conceptual Sketch

3-D Modeling for Angeles Scorsetti Interior Design


Fabulous project in Beverly Hills Hollywood, upper end high-rise penthouse, for an eccentric couple who love lavish parties.  The team included Mark Adams, Anna Yakawenko, and myself.  A local Architect and contractor is building it out under Angeles's direction.


Conceptual Sketch

Kopenitz Back Yard Improvements


To greater enjoy their backyard the Kopenitz family commissioned H. Stephen Jackson and contractor David Gardner to design and build stone patios with a fire pit and planters, plus a 2-level wood arbor.


Conceptual Sketch

Graves Back Yard Improvements


Backyard improvements for the Graves family in Horseshoe Bay. Another project for contractor David Garner. HSJ has designed and drafted a Travertine extension of the swimming pool terrace with stone steps down to the yard, stone planters, a fire pit and seating, and a new island for the outdoor kitchen. We have the same masons on this job as the recent work for the Kopenitz family and these guys are especially talented! They have great resources to find and acquire these beautiful stones too. Now under construction...I will post updates.

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