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H. Stephen Jackson / Architect


Every design process begins with a sense of excitement and anticipation. Years of experience help me blend my artistic creativity with a commitment to exceptionally functional design solutions. Communications...understanding and listening to my clients - bouncing ideas back and forth - a trust, a creative interaction blends into a personal solution.  


EXPERIENCE:  Extensive, primarily Design & Presentation responsibilities on the following project types: Resort, Hotel, Casino, Restaurant, Office, Industrial, Retail, and Residential Architecture, including Interiors & Land Planning.  Work included Client and Consultant contact and presentations to town boards and commissions.


STRENGTHS:  Savvy Designer, very skilled in many areas, as evidenced by my Portfolio.  I'm a prolific "idea person" with exceptional sketching & rendering styles, yet experienced with Management, CD's, Permitting, and Field Work under AIA Contracts.  Equally skilled in Modern & Historic Styles. Comfortable with Lead Role and Multiple Project involvement. Worked with many prominent local business people.  Designed literally hundreds of built projects of many types, in many locations, and under varying circumstances, with style and grace.      



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