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SKETCH-ARCHITECT.COM: H. Stephen Jackson / Architect


Welcome to my website!  If you are looking for an Architect, I hope it will convince you to contact me.  I’ll characterize myself as creative, yet practical...with well over half a century of experience, both in commercial and residential work, and in various situations.  Now in my senior years, I choose not to retire!  Instead, I hope to continue to have purpose and enjoy seeing my ideas and those of my clients built.


Although most of the work I have attracted in the ten years I've been back home in Texas has been New Residences or Remodel-Additions, I have also designed and drafted small Commercial Projects.  This website’s theme emphasizes that I often start projects with hand done idea sketches, but I do shift to computer drafted work as soon as my preliminaries are tentatively approved. 


I’ll assert that this is a very efficient way of going about the work, combining “old school” fundamentals with modern technologies, often switching back and forth between the two, where I see an advantage to one methodology over the other…every client and project being unique. 


I do most of the work myself, but do have a number very capable temporary helpers I call on when I need them.  Again, I hope if you are looking for an Architect, you will contact me…I am licensed in Texas, California, and Nevada, with my office and home in Marble Falls, Texas.


Have a look around my “sketches” website and get to know how I start projects…and then continue them with modern technologies.  If you want to drop me a line, you can do so in the Guestbook.


Napkin Sketches

That first quick one.  My Napkin Sketches collection features numerous sketches, including black and white, color, and neon.

Check it out!

Hand Renderings

My Hand Renderings features numerous renderings, including black & white and color.


Sketch Up Computer Renderings

My Sketch Up Computer Renderings features numerous "Sketchup" renderings prepared by my able staff from my hand sketches and AutoCAD drafts.


Study Models

Some clients prefer Study Models instead of sketches.  


Digital Art

My Digital Art collection features numerous Colorful digital artworks. These are available for me!


New Projects

See New Projects for a peek at what I am currently working on.



Mid-century modern renovation of a Krisel house from the 60's.

Office building concept for Las Vegas.

Conceptual design for artist couple.

Peterson Residence 1

On the Drawing Board...

Visit my New Projects tab to see what I am working on lately...

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